Young Economists Conference 2016

While labour markets have not yet recovered from the impacts of the Great Recession, new challenges, like the fourth industrial revolution, are already arising. However, the effects of so-called „Industry 4.0“ are ambiguous and offer a wide field for speculation, ranging from nearly half of the jobs at risk to negligible total effects on employment. For sure, some types of work will become obsolete and others will be created in the course of technological progress, but there is considerable uncertainty concerning the impact on employment. 

How do these developments affect working time and living standards in terms of wages, leisure, and social activities? Is Keynes’ proclaimed 15 hours working week becoming a feasible scenario or will it remain utopian? These and other related questions are highly relevant for the near and more distant future, and progressive answers are needed.  

Keynote speakers are Özlem Onaran, Professor of Economics at the University of Greenwich, who is an expert on globalisation, employment, and post-Keynesian approaches to inequality, and Armon Rezai, Associate Professor at WU with research interest in financialization, ecological economics and macroeconomics.